Wearable Computing Products and Patents
Orang-Otang Peel-It wrist-wearable smartphone case
Smartphone case converts to wrist-mount in simple motion. PalmPower Editor's Choice Product of the Year Award.

Orang-Otang Flip-O! undersleeve wrist-wearable phone/audio/remote control
Wrist interface hides undersleeve, pops into palm upon demand.

Jango wrist/arm wearable computer
Wearable computer swivels, tilts and revolves around wrist.

Jango wrist/arm wearable POS credit card terminal
Wrist-wearable credit card reader.

Jango wrist/arm wearable keyboard/MIDI keyboard
Wearable keyboard provides access to both hands, one as piano, the other as guitar.

Jango wrist/palm wearable keypad
Keypad sits in palm of hand so as to be accessible to fingers of that hand.

Jango wrist/palm wearable camera/video camera
Armpiece provides stability and power source; telescoping handpiece provides viewfinder and lens.

For more information, see:
U.S. Patents 6,696,986; 6,595,424; and 6,184,804.